About recruitment site

About Recruitment Site

This site was created to help job seekers and graduates of King Abdulaziz University in the search for suitable jobs, which specializes in the areas of their specialization by recording their CVs gates employment destinations university and government agencies and companies direct recruitment and search engines for jobs, and follow-up functions declared them to register them, and the announcement More jobs at the university and graduate workshops, and to answer all inquiries.

Site targets

  • Help graduates to find a suitable job opportunities and encourage them to register their resumes work at the sites listed on the site and follow-up functions declared them to register .
  • Recognize the importance of and the need to search for a job and acquire the necessary skills to do so.
  • Urged the graduates to continuous learning and develop their skills through courses , workshops, and increase opportunities for professional development and specialized to have.
  • Viewing articles and tips are relevant to employment : Example: How to benefit from the services of recruitment firms , search strategies for a job, how to write a CV, Frequently Asked Questions in job interviews and the like.
  • Advertising for jobs and university news .
  • Showing events and related events on the calendar.
  • Reply to INQUIRIES .
  • Show to common questions and repeated for any job applicant.
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Last Update 11/15/2013 1:00:00 AM